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All of us have our own dreams & ambitions in our lives. We are in the endless competition to achieve the best, or at least, the better.

Fast, More & Effective ! These are our keywords now.

Is it wrong to have ambitions for the better life?

No ! Not at all ! In fact, this is our instinct as a human being. This instinct to know more, to achieve more & most of all, to achieve a quality life is the driving force for the evolution of our brain.

The Himalayas - Origin of Ayurveda and YogaMan has always been in this endless quest called life, from the millions of years. That quality made him different from all the animals on this earth.

Now, an important question is not 'what' we want to achieve, but 'how' we want to achieve !!!!

Are we marching forward towards the success in so-called highly civilized ways ?

Or unknowingly we are rushing back in our caveman strategies, where survival was the only thought on our minds ?

Surprisingly,  that so-called 'uncivilized' caveman,  was also trying to know beyond the known world around him!! He tried to understand his life from various aspects. He also tried to immortalize his existence through the rock paintings. He passed on that knowledge what we call heritage now. He also passed on that curiosity & respect for those unknown & intangible forces around him.

Rock Art - Evidence of ancient human intelligenceAll ancient civilizations depict this process in their traditional ways of life.

Is there any way to know more & to achieve more in this immortal life of man?
Is there any guidance to live a happy life with all the aspects fulfilled?
Yes, off course !!! Answer is, Ayurveda & Yoga !!!!!!!!

Ayurveda is a complete knowledge about  life. It mainly helps us to have physical fitness through healthy routines & also provides medicinal knowledge. Students, practitioners & researchers are more & more amazed to see the knowledge span of this science.

Yoga means 'To connect with the Supreme Soul'. It is a lifestyle with morals & various types of exercises. Students & researchers are trying to understand the powers of mind with the guidance of Yoga.

These two sciences are based on Indian Philosophy & are complimentary to each other. We want to introduce you all to these ancient sciences & recent happenings in these fields.

This is our humble effort to provide you scientific knowledge about Ayurveda & Yoga. Though this website is basically intended to introduce you all to Ayurveda & Yoga, we would also like our readers to be  informed with knowledge about all other sister sciences in the field of complimentary medicine.

As Ayurvedic Doctor & Yoga practitioner, intention is to help you with precise information, tailor-made diet plans, tailor-made activity routines, Ayurvedic cooking guidance & consultations as well.

All of you are welcome to share this journey to the holistically healthy life !!!!!!!!